Geophysical Journal

Geophysical journal founded in 1979 on the basis of which was founded in 1956 and published by the Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine "Geophysical collection." Since 1992, published in the international status. On the pages of this international journal c overs new theoretical and of experimental data research materials about the patterns of distribution of various physical fields of the Earth, the integrated study of the deep structure of the lithosphere, the modern geodynamics and earthquake prediction, studies of the physical properties of mineral substances in various conditions in the field of geothermal energy, paleomagnetism, geophysics, ocean, prospecting and mineral exploration geophysical methods, etc. are also published methodological and instrumental developments, materials disskusy, reviews, reports of scientific meetings and other information. The magazine is designed for a wide range of geophysicists and geologists: researchers, teachers, engineers, graduate students, employees of search parties and expeditions.

Editor in Chief: V.I.Starostenko

Deputy Editor in Chief: Ya.M. Khazan



Beginning in 2017, the Geophysical Journal is located at the address