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3-D Gravity Modeling Scientific Research Group

In recent time crustal studies have been made in the following regions:

  1. Black Sea Basin

    The gravity field of the basin has been analysed by the method of area modeling. The gravity effect of the sediments has been studied. For the first time the contribution of intrusive bodies situated on the basin periphery and forming intensive anomalies of both senses to the gravity field has been studied. A scheme of the depth of the M-relief has been set up. A detailed interpretation of the gravity field of the gravity field of three local structures: Sinop-Arkhangelsk, Cremia- Caucasian and Gubkinskaya with local branching toward the West Black Sea centre scaled at 1:500000 has been made 5,6,7,8.

  2. The Eastern Dnieper - Donets Basin and Donbas

    A detailed density model of the Earth's crust has been set up and an analysis of the gravity field scaled at 1:1500000 has been made. The details were reached laterally by use of a dense network of the Earth's crust model into four horizontal plates each containing the main density inhomogeneities. Besides the gravity effect of the whole Earth's crust, the gravity effects of the main density inhomogeneities have been obtained separately. The integral gravity effect of the mantle inhomogeneities has been determined. It is - 80 mGal in Donbas and 20 mGal, i.e. at the level of the accuracy of the method9, in the Dnieper - Donets basin 9.

  3. Prypiat trough

    Within a 2x2 km network the gravity effect of thick sediments with a complicated boundary relief including local saline structures of the sediments is calculated. With considering this effect we have obtained the reduced gravity field of the trough in which intensive anomalies of both senses caused by density inhomogeneities of the basement have been distinguished for the first time 10.

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