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Department of tectonophysics

Head: Aryasova O.V.

Doctor Physical-mathematical sciences

The main lines of activity of the department of tectonophysics

1. Thermal instability in the upper mantle:

  • mechanics of fissures from hydro- and magmatic rupture;
  • seismic activity related to magma intrusion into the crust;
  • permeability and electroconductivity of partly melted and occasionally fractured rocks;
  • geodynamic aspects of kimberlite magmatism.

2. Studies of paleostrained-distorted state of continental Earth's crust by tectonophysical methods focused on the analysis of the stages of its tectonic development and restoration of tectogenetic mechanisms:

  • studies of paleostraines and paleodistorsions within the Earth's crust of the main geotectonic regions of Ukraine and restoration of mechanisms and stages of their development;
  • application of tectonophysical methods in studies of ruptured and folded structures of the Precambrian of the Ukrainian Shield (pioneering line in tectonophysics);
  • theoritical and experimental substantiation of physical - geological unity of structural - paragenetic and kinematic methods of tectonophysics and the necessity of their combined application;
  • tectonophysical studies of planetary mesojointing in volcanogenic-sedimentary covers of the platforms aimed to restoration of paleogeographic nets and trajectories of movement of lithospheric plates.

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