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Department of Physical Properties of the Matter of the Earth

Head: Kobolev V.P.

Doctor of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences


The Department of Physical Properties of the Matter of the Earth was organized in 1961. Its permanent leader for more than 40 years had been the founder of petrophysical PT-studies in Ukraine T.S. Lebedev. Together with his disciples he developed successfully a new fundamental line - experimental studies of physical properties of rocks and minerals in simulated laboratory conditions of high pressures and temperatures. In 2003 extrastructural Laboratory of Marine Geophysics was introduced to the Department, and Kobolev V.P. was approved as its Chief.

There are two main lines of activity of the Department of Physical Properties of the Matter of the Earth:

  • petrographic studies;
  • marine geophysical studies.

On the base of created specialized facilities of high pressure and temperature, a broad complex of studies is performed:

  • thermobaric laboratory studies of elastic, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties of mineral products under PT- conditions of program tests imitating the depths of lithosphere corresponding to natural ones;
  • Studies of velocities of propagation of elastic waves of longitudinal and transverse polarization under different test conditions (in dry, water- saturated rocks under high pressure, temperature, axial loading and model PT-conditions of different depths); calculation of elastic constants of rocks (Yung model, shift, Poisson coefficient etc.);
  • determination of elastic anisotropy of mineral media, their symmetry system; division of elastic anisotropy into crystallographic and induced (produced by interior tensions and oriented defect structure);
  • studies of elastic anisotropy changes under different PT-conditions;
  • studies of electric characteristics (electric resistance, dielectric permeability, energy of activization of current carriers of dry, water- saturated crystalline, sedimentary rocks and soils under different PT-conditions);
  • studies of thermophysical characteristics (temperature- and thermoconductivity, heat capacity) of rocks under different thermobaric-conditions; the search of correlation dependences between thermophysical, elastic, density and structural parameters of rocks for different PT-conditions;
  • studies of magnetic characteristics (magnetic susceptibility, remanent magnetization, coercitive strength, Curie temperature et al.) of rocks under different thermobaric-conditions;
  • construction of complex petrophysical models of the Earth's crust according to geophysical data and the data of thermobaric studies of physical parameters of rocks;
  • marine geophysical studies: hydromagnetic and gravimetric survey;
  • seismoacoustic studies, study of physical properties of bottom sediments and dragged rocks, quipment elaborations.
Structure of a department:

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