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Division of Explosion Geodynamics

Head: V.A. Danilenko

Corr. Member of NAS Ukraine, Doctor Physical - Mathematical Sciences, Professor

The main lines of the DEG activity:
Theoretical and experimental studies of dynamics of nonequilibrium geophysical media taking into account their real structure and elaboration of impulse technologies of intensification of mining and construction on the base of these studies.

  • Department of Heterogenous Media Dynamics
    Chief: Danilenko V.A.
    Doctor Physical - Mathematical Sciences
    Tel.:380 (44) 224-14-60

  • Department of Deformed Solids Dynamics
    Chief: I.V. Belinsky
    Candidate Physical - Mathematical Sciences
    Tel.: 380 (44) 224-14-60

  • Department of Intensification of Exchange Processes
    Chief: V.P. Nagorny
    Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor
    Tel.: 380 (44) 224-09-91
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