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Department of Geothermy and Modern Geodynamics

Head: Kutas R.I.

Doctor of Geological - Mineralogical Sciences, Professor


The main lines of activity of the Department of Geothermy and Modern Geodynamics:

1. In the field of geothermy:
  • experimental measurements of temperature in wells;
  • measurements of thermoconductivity of rocks;
  • determination of heat flows in wells;
  • measurement of complete complex of geothermic parameters (temperature, geothermic gradient, thermoconductivity) in marine
  • sediments;
  • thermal field mapping;
  • studies of the nature of thermal flows of springs;
  • elaboration of procedures for interpretation of thermal flow analysis on the base of analytical and numerical solutions of the thermal
  • conductivity equations;
  • simulation of thermal field and construction of geothermic models of lithosphere;
  • elaboration of procedures for simulation of thermal evolution of sedimentary basins and construction of models of evolution for
  • special basins;
  • studies of energy balance of geodynamic processes and of role of thermal energy in the processes of gas emissions, mud volcanism
  • and seismic activity.

2. In the field of modern movements:
  • generalization and mapping of the data on modern vertical and horizontal movements of the Earth's crust;
  • studies of the nature of modern movements of the Earth's crust.


In the field of deep-seated structure:

  • creation of models of deep-seated structure according to the complex of geophysicsl data on the Ukrainian Shield, the Donbas and the Dnepro-Donets depression, Carpathians.
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