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Department of Geothermy and Modern Geodynamics

Head: Kutas R.I.

Doctor of Geological - Mineralogical Sciences, Professor


The main lines of activity of the Department of Geothermy and Modern Geodynamics:

1. In the field of geothermy:
  • experimental measurements of temperature in wells;
  • measurements of thermoconductivity of rocks;
  • determination of heat flows in wells;
  • measurement of complete complex of geothermic parameters (temperature, geothermic gradient, thermoconductivity) in marine sediments;
  • thermal field mapping;
  • studies of the nature of thermal flows of springs;
  • elaboration of procedures for interpretation of thermal flow analysis on the base of analytical and numerical solutions of the thermal conductivity equations;
  • simulation of thermal field and construction of geothermic models of lithosphere;
  • elaboration of procedures for simulation of thermal evolution of sedimentary basins and construction of models of evolution for special basins;
  • studies of energy balance of geodynamic processes and of role of thermal energy in the processes of gas emissions, mud volcanism and seismic activity.

2. In the field of modern movements:
  • generalization and mapping of the data on modern vertical and horizontal movements of the Earth's crust;
  • studies of the nature of modern movements of the Earth's crust.


In the field of deep-seated structure:

  • creation of models of deep-seated structure according to the complex of geophysicsl data on the Ukrainian Shield, the Donbas and the Dnepro-Donets depression, Carpathians.
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