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Department of geomagnetism

Head: Orlyuk .I.

Doctor of Geological Sciences


The main lines of activity of the Department of Geomagnetism

  • Studies of modern spatial - temporal structure of geomagnetic field of Ukraine:
    -- production of database of geomagnetic field components for the territory of Ukraine; construction of different scale maps of module T, anomalous magnetic field (DT)a, elaboration of a procedure of analysis and interpretation of magnetic field (DT)a; elaboration of a procedure for construction of two- and three-dimentional and spatial-temporal magnetic models of the Earth's crust of continental type, construction and interpretation of magnetic models in a complex with other geological-geophysical data for the purpose of studies of deep-seated structure, composition, tectonics and evolution of the Earth's crust as well as for the forecast of mineral deposits.
  • Studies of dynamics and spatia-temporal structure of geomagnetic field of the Earth during its whole geological history by the methods of paleomagnetism, archeomagnetism and direct device observations: analysis of the states of magnetic field of the Earth, which appear in the process of its evolution and are registered in magnetic memory of rocks as superchrones and chrones of polarity;
  • elaboration of magnetostratigraphic scale of Pleistocene and Late Paleozoic of Ukraine;
  • production of magnetochronological scale of Late Glacial period - Holocene and revealing of relations of changes of magnetic field and the climate during this time;
  • production of highly precious scale of changes of the components of magnetic field of the Earth during the period 5500 years ago up to present;
  • elaboration of magnetic-stratigraphic scales of more ancient stratones of Phanerozoic and solving numerous geological problems based on paleomagnetic results, including the problem of age and tectonic relations of different structures in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Studies of magnetic minerals-bearers of magnetization and of paleomagnetic information of rocks;
  • studies of magnetic parameters of intrusive complexes of the Ukrainian Shield and volcanogenic formations of Carpathians and the Crimea; application of paleomagnetic information for dating and correlation of dyke bodies, synchronizing of magmatic events in Precambrian;
  • reconstruction of the USh position in Proterozoic and determination of time of consolidation of the East-European platform;
  • Continuous registration is the component of the geomagnetical field, regular absolute supervisions on the stationary geomagnetical observatories Lviv, Odessa and Kiev.

    • Geomagnetical observatory "Lviv"

    • Geomagnetical observatory "Kiev"

  • elaboration of methods and procedures aspects for solving the problems of geophysical ecology;
    studies of constant and variable values of geophysical fields, analysis of their spatial - temporal regularities and construction of different by type and scale physical-ecological fields;
  • studies of life activity rythms, constant and variable physical fields of individuals and biosystems;
  • correlation analysis of established physical parameters of the environment with the same for the individuals and biosystems, the search of mechanisms of interrelation and impact of constant and variable fields and irradiations (both natural and artificial) and establishment of the limits for harmonic existence of individuals, populations etc. as well as hazardous ones for their living and development.

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